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Common Problems

Here are just a few of the issues which bring individuals and couples to seek counselling:

Depression/low mood/ mood swings

Anxiety Disorders

Bereavement and Grief Issues

Adult Survivors Of Childhood Abuse

A wide range of Relationship Issues (Individuals can come alone or for relational based therapy also) 

Issues surrounding or involving sex and intimacy

Addictive behaviours /coping strategies including gambling, porn use, eating disorders etc. 

Individuals/Families Coming To Terms With Physical Illness Acute, Chronic And Terminal

Issues around Infertility, Miscarriage and Post Natal Depression

Coping with the challenging behaviour/s of others 


Work Place Stress/Stressors

'Burn out'

Workplace mentorship and supervision for qualified/student therapists

Employment support - coaching, conflict resolutions, applications and interview preparation

Emotional dependency disorders e.g seeking comfort from food, negative coping strategies e.g smoking etc.

Feelings of worthlessness, low self esteem

Identification of PTSD, use or recall rewind intervention when appropriate

Clinical Supervision for healthcare practitioners

Self development coaching sessions

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