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How Do I Work



​I'm a qualified and registered Person Centered counsellor.  I use core psychological models from the Humanistic school of practice in my work with clients, using the core principles of Empathy, Unconditional positive regard and Congruence. As required, I employ elements of Transactional Analysis , CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Solution-Focused Therapy in my work.

Locations covered

Caerphilly              Rudry

Lisvane                   Llanishen

Pontypridd            Llantrisant            


   What to



The reasons why an individual or couple come to counselling are as varied as the individuals themselves.

​Taking the first step and making contact can feel quite daunting, but most people are glad that they do.  Once you have made contact we can arrange a convenient time to meet.  The first session will last one hour, this will enable you to outline the reasons that have brought you to  counselling and enable me to outline my code of conduct and for you to ask  any questions you may have about the format of sessions.  If you feel comfortable and able to continue we will agree on a contract.  Generally, more than one session is recommended, an average of 6 sessions is the norm, some will require more sessions, the uniqueness of each individual or couple means that  we mutually reasses the length of contract at regular intervals. If I feel that you would be better suited seeing another form of counsellor/medical practitioner I will tell you and in some instances can assist with onward referral


Professional Bodies


Association of Independent


Healthcare Counselling Practitioners



  Theraputic relationship
Core elements and Code of Conduct
The Theraputic or working relationship between a counsellor and the client/s is the foundation of any counselling .  Through this we are able to  work through what's brought you to counselling. It is therefore important that we both feel comfortable to work together. At the first session I will outline the professional ethics and boundaries by which I am governed.  
I work to 'Best Practice Guidelines':
Confidentiality is of primary importance
I Attend regular clinical supervision sessions
Having a network of like-minded counsellors for onward referral if necessary
Keeping my skills up to date with regular continuous personal development and training
My overall way of working is to help you find a satisfactory outcome in as little time as possible.  It is important that you do not attend counselling for longer than is healthy and necessary for you to achieve your goals.
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